Privacy Policy

Who stores your data?

VARD is responsible for storing the data collected on your visit to this site.

What is the purpose?

We use normal tools for collecting data on our website. The purpose of collecting data is to detect usage patterns and user needs so that we can improve our website.

What personal information is stored and where are they collected?

You may choose to give us your contact information (name, email) actively by signing up for our newsletter, sending files emails through our product pages or by submitting our contact form. Emails from these forms may be used in our sales and marketing.

We register general information about the users on our website through Google Analytics. This tool tell us how many users visit or site and which sites are visted. We do not however have the possibility to see or collect the individual user’s personal information.

To avoid showing up in our general user data you can install this plugin in your web browser to deny Google Analytics from collecting your information. On the Norwegian site you can see tips on how to administrate your cookies.

Is the information sold or given to third party actors?


How is the information deleted and archived?

All the information that is collected is stored in Google Analytics or on protected servers on this website. We do not save your data locally. We do however make reports on average traffic on our site and analyze bulk data from the site. We do not actively delete information, since we do not store information outside the tools we use to collect it (Analytics, Website database).

Is it voluntary to give you my information?

We do not have the possibility to make exceptions for individual users. If you do not wish to be a part of our general statistics you should refrain from using this website.

What rights do I have as a user – which country’s laws are applicable?

You have the right to request all an export of all the data we have on your person/IP. You can also demand that the data is corrected or deleted. We follow Norwegian laws and regulations.
How is the data secured?
Only persons with the need to analyze trends and averages on the webiste has user access to the information in Google Analyhtics. If any data is stored locally it is stored in password protected servers and in encrypted documents.

Contact information

Contact us if you demand insight in our data:

We have used the Norwegian data inspectorate’s (Datatilsynet) guidelines for which aspects to answer in our Privacy Policy.