Vard Aqua invests internationally, with a new sales and marketing manager at the helm

Following a period of significant development of Vard Aqua’s well-established solutions for biomass measurement, feeding and oxygen addition, as well as the new cloud-based system solution Exact Cloud, the company is now investing heavily towards land-based farming – in Norway and internationally. Leading the exciting commercial venture is Ivar Erdal, the newly employed Manager of Sales and Marketing.

Vard Aqua delivers a number of well-established products and solutions to a large customer base in Norway. In addition, the company is largely invested in inventing new products and developing existing solutions for the aquaculture industry. Erdal believes that innovation is crucial in order to keep up with the rapidly developing aquaculture industry.

— Times are changing in the fish farming industry, with rapid growth and the continued development of solutions that compile production data to provide increased value for the fish farmer. Production data is important information. The future aquaculture industry requires solutions and systems that can utilize this information, says Erdal.

New generation feeding solutions and biomass meters

Vard Aqua’s strong position with its existing product lines, as well as large investments in further developing the industry, was decisive for Erdal’s desire to join the team. Coming from a long and diverse career with various technology companies, both in the aquaculture industry and the oil and gas sector, Erdal is well acquainted with potential challenges and pitfalls.

— Many companies make good products, but are unable to get their products to the market. Success requires early and close dialogue with potential customers, who consider you a partner rather than a sales representative. Vard Aqua develops its products in close collaboration with customers – which ensures the products and solutions meets the industry’s demands, Erdal explains.

Erdal is echoed by Vard Aqua’s general manager, Tommy Visnes Storsveen, who believes Erdal’s diverse background adds valuable technical expertise and international market insight to the company.

— We have just developed a new generation of feeding solutions and biomass meters that are particularly suitable for land-based farming, both in Norway and the European market, and for all types of fish species. Ivar is particularly skilled at creating relationships with customers and partners, and will lead our commercial effort towards all new customers in need of our solutions, says Storsveen.


From individual products to integrated solutions

The new product generation gathers what have previously been individual products and compiles them into integrated system solutions, with powerful upgrades to each products software and hardware. In collaboration with Maritech, Vard Aqua has developed a cloud-bases system, which controls both the individual products and integrates data from the feeding- and sensor systems for, among other things, biomass estimation. This enables customers to compile and analyse the data from their own production, to a much greater extent than previously possible.

— Seedling facilities and all other facilities focused on clean and accurate feeding will benefit greatly from our latest inventions. The new biomass meters have unique properties for land-based tubs. Ivar’s most important task will be to visualize our solutions to the industry, says Storsveen.

Exact Cloud and the new generation Exact BM framework will launch at the beginning of 2022.

Exact Feeding Robot.

International presence

Erdal has been employed as a senior sales manager in Vard Aqua since May 2021. Now, fully settled as the company’s new sales and marketing manager, Erdal will work from both the Trondheim office and at Sunndalsøra, to increase the company’s presence in both regions.

— We will consolidate Vard Aqua’s position as a leading supplier to the aquaculture industry, and I look forward to contributing. It will require long-term planning, development of the organization and, in the long run, the establishment of a good agent network throughout Europe, Erdal concludes.